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Friday, January 30, 2009

Wednesday Night Meeting after the inauguration

Here is notes for prayer meeting conducted the wednesday after the tuesday:

Let Freedom Ring

In this most historic decade in which to be alive as a member of the African Diaspora one cannot help but feel that momentous events are gathering upon us and we would do well to wear our prophetic cap of god’s remnant movement well in order to make sense of the new age which is dawning upon us.

For you cannot witness the occasion of the swearing in of the 44th president of the United States of America and the first black man to be elected to that high office without hearing the echo of that other great son of America and hero to the world
Martin Luther King Jnr. who 40 years ago on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial came to the capitol to cash a cheque of freedom for oppressed black minority in America and in the4 shadow of the monument of that great president of the civil war era in America he charged the nation in crisis to Let freedom ring.

Oh yes on Tuesday there were tears and celebration because all of us who are alive now have the sense of anticipation that something like freedom will ring in the halls of America. Yes we can man Barack Obama.

Meanwhile back home, from a church that has largely seen itself as left out of the mainstream of Jamaican society because of our unique principles and practices in Sabbath keeping, in diet, and in conduct, we have been forced to avoid many of the activities, organizations, and positions of civil society which would have benefited from our presence but which we felt would Have compromised the standards as stated in our 28 fundamental beliefs; from such a church, namely the seventh-day Adventist church will arise the sixth governor general of the island of Jamaica in the person of Patrick Allen, president of west Indies Union Conference of seventh-day Adventist.

History. History. History.

He will be the highest ranking Jamaican comes February 26, 2009. Head of state. Like him in USA President Barack Obama I implore for them both your prayers that the may allow the Lord to use them that the earth might be3 filled with the glory of
God as the waters cover the sea.

I am not here to say which side of the debate I’m on whether I agree or disagree with Dr Allen’s decision. But I see an opportunity to be like Esther, like Joseph, like Daniel, like Nehemiah in the land. And as for the rest of us instead of spending time wondering how odd use the opportunity to tell them of three angels messages. An opportunity to tell Jamaica what we really believe.

While we have the freedom to do.

Tonight I want to celebrate freedom.
I do not for a minute take the rights and freedoms we enjoy under the Jamaican constitution for granted for I know they have been won in the cane fields of slave rebellions, on the waterfronts of 1938 uprising, of the visionary leaders who sought to lay the foundation of modern Jamaica into independence and after.

Freedom of assembly. Freedom of conscience which includes freedom of worship.
Freedom to choose the political representative. To vote.
Freedom of movement within Jamaica and overseas.
Freedom to proselytize, to make disciples of Christ.
We know the time is coming when god’s commandment keeping people will be denied freedom, so in the euphoria watch and pray for when they say peace peace it might just be sudden destruction.
What about within us. Are we free from t he burden of sin.
I want to celebrate the freedom of the gospel of Christ.
You see the same our church and black race have encountered historic first in the Western world this year the same way there are should baptized and unbaptised who need to liberated from oppression of fear, of sin, and of death.

Galatians 5:
Stand fast in the liberty where in Christ has made us free.
I: Let freedom ring with the gospel of Jesus Christ sets us free from deception.
Take heed
Matt 24:3-14
First sign is deception.
a. deceived by false Christians
*Context of Galatia. Back to bondage of Jewish rituals. Grace of Christ abolished Jewish rituals. The lamb had come. Anger and counsel of Paul.
i. Don’t be deceived by false brethren.
b. deceived by new age messiahs
i. secret teachings, candles, and chants
c. deceived by devil
i. Look at how Christ dealt with devil, don’t interview devil, and rebuke him in name of Jesus. It is written it is written
1. matt4: 4,7,10
ii. Look to Jesus when tempted; claim the gracious love and unassailable power of the nail scarred hands.
Know the signs of the times like early Christians so we not deceived and like early Christians will save in time of destruction.

II. Let freedom ring with the gospel of Jesus Christ who frees us from sin.
a. Matt 1:21: shall save his people from their sin
b. John 1:29 Lamb of God who takes away sin of world.
i. Claim his promise and His presence right now in your life, in your career, in your relationships.
ii. John 3;16 whosoever believeth in Him
iii. 2 Cor 5:17 new creature

III. Let freedom ring with the power of the resurrected Christ who frees us from death.
a. John 3:16 should not perish/have everlasting life Two roads before you. Free to choose.
b. Life abundantly now and eternal life hereafter John 11:25
c. It begins with a new birth experience.
i. John 3 must be born again
1. Born twice die once, born once die twice.
ii. Divine connection
iii. Walk after spirit Galatians 5
1. Read flesh
2. read spirit

In this year of history let freedom ring
Freedom from deception
From sin
From death
Freedom in the company of Jesus now
Freedom to praise him on sea of glass...

Song no more night.

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