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Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Book Written by a Friend

Dear Friends:

I am introducing to you a book that was authored to assist students with their educational needs at Northern Caribbean University, West Indies College, now Victor Dixon High, and West Indies College Preparatory School. The title of the book is PREYING ON THE BLESSINGS OF PRAYING. The book was previously printed in Jamaica and enjoyed by especially the youth. The testimonies reveal that it is a book that you cannot lend, you won't get it back. A very good book for a gift this season. You may view the book at AuthorHouse Book store on the web.

The book was printed in the USA 2005 by AuthorHouse Printers but copies have not been sold because it is not publicized. I am using this avenue to introduce you to the book. The copy you purchase today may be the means to save a the life of a youth today, and who knows may in the future save your life or the life of a loved one.

To purchase a copy of the book on line, go to:

OR go to
Store Home
Type in Judith Forbes as your search
The book PREYING ON THE BLESSINGS OF PRAYING: SOARING TO NEW HEIGHTS ON WINGS OF PRAYER will come up to view, authored by Judith A Forbes and you will be able to purchase same on line.

I would appreciate your feedback on same.