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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Site Still Being Developed

Haven't even finalised the name but I am coalescing my vision and mission for site around religious objectives.

Previously, I attempted to build a general purpose site with a view to monetising it; the Google adsense engine kept sending me religious cults and offshoots. So I decided to give the trumpet a certain sound. A straightforward non-apologetic Seventh-day Adventist site.

And by the grace of God you'll still get some day to day Glendon. Like right now it's like 3 in the morning in Mandeville and I would rather be hugging my darling but I must make some sacrifice to build this site.

Some basic problems to solve:
How to manage feeds?
How to edit photos into middle of my blogs?
How to draw traffic to my site?
How to monetise the site without being Google Adsense sieged by cults and offshoots?
Add a sidebar and thus obtain a lovely 3-column format?

So much of the available help is for technogeeks, but I must wade through the computerese in order to move with the postmodern times and keep the messages of the three angels flying through the internet.

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Anonymous said...

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