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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Mark Finley Discovery 2008 Training Broadcast

I had the opportunity see a bit of the online broadcast Tuesday and Saturday. But the one that was scheduled for 4:00 pm Jamaican time last Sabbath, did not air in the North American region. Major major embarrassment!


I had contacted the Mandeville Seventh-day Adventist Church and asked them to facilitate us with a viewing from their satellite feed. The earlier broadcast was too early for Jamaican schedule; divine service would be just about ending. So I communicated with the elder in charge of media at Mandeville as well as the communication secretary, and they made arrangements for 4pm. Alas Hope TV had no Discovery 08 on at that time.

Evidently the 4pm broadcast would have been for the Pacific Rim satellite, and not on our North American feed. When I returned home I went online and checked the Hope TV schedule for this region and saw that only one broadcast was planned for the day, whereas the Fact Sheet had two. So I thought, no wonder the handout at the seminar had Pacific Time for the last broadcast and no EST.

I hear that the union is seeking to obtain a copy of the programme. They should, Pastor Mark Finley is such a sincere speaker.

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